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After that great episode of House last week, this week's episode was really bad in comparison. Gawd. It sucked. Seriously? A monstertruck? (It was nice to see the little Joan of Arcadia reunion though)
I hope the next one will be a lot better!

Tonight Roel and I are going to Suckerpunch, some weird ass Zack Snyder movie about a girl who lives in a fantasy world. Chicks with guns, helicopters, dragons, explosions, swords... I bet you can tell who picked that one... Good thing we're going out for dinner too!
We're also gonna book our vacation to Norway. I'm really excited about it! Lots of hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, fjords, waterfalls. Woot!

School's ok lately. I'm in a group that functions really well. This results in me having no stress at all and even some boredom at times. Next semester I'll be in a group of eight(!) people, I think that's not going to end well. Oh well, no use in stressing out about that on forehand.

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YAY for Suckerpunch and Norway! =)

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