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Want to be Friends?
Most of this journal is Friends Only, but there's quite a lot that's public as well. Comment HERE to be added to my friendslist if you're interested in reading all the entries.

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Uhmmmm now this pic is a good warning cause really Wolvie doesn't look friendly at all.

Yeah I know. He's my official LJ guard *pets* :)
*added to friends list*

Nice pet, bet he is good at making sushi ;P
And I'm adding you too.

Hey Wolvster, I'm Birgit from the Dutch Hugh Jackman forum :)
I just came by your journal. Wolverine sure looks angry, but that's how I like him ;)

I aaaaaaadded you :-D <3 It's Jude.

Nice pic of Wolvie. I like it. :-) Also, your animated Wolvie icon is the shiz-nit. I likes, indeed I do.


hey it's Jude! I didn't wanna sign into my other name because I wanted to send this quickly:

:-D yaaaaaaaay hahahaha.

Thank You for site

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Good site ! ;)

Hey, I'm just a random Aussie who's a fan of the X-Men among other things, seriously. Wolverine was my fave outta all of 'em since I was 8 or so (blame it on me reading my older brother's comics and watching X-Men on TV before school) XD

I'm also a long time admirer of your fanfics but I've been too shy to say anything though I gotta tell ya your stories are really well written. It made me interested with the potential friendship of Wolverine and Gambit (Wolvie, Storm, Gumbo and Jubes are my fave mini group team now). ;):)

I added you to my flist.
Nice to hear you like my fics!

Basically I use this journal to write about daily life, nothing really interesting. See ya around :)

No problem mate, it's a pleasure just to meet you so it's all cool :)

Hehe XD Isn't that what this site is for ;)

im rose from Singapore
I added you coz of the wolverine icon! Im a fan of wolverine as well as the X-men .
its nice to see fellow wolvie fans online
I know its pretty random of me to add you and id understand if u didnt add me :D

Adding you if that's okay? ;)

Sure :)
Adding you back.

Hi I wandered over here from the X-men recathon thread . hope that's cool. And I found not only are you a fellow X-fan, but a fellow animal lover. I work for a shelter here in the UK. Want to be friends?

Always love to meet other comic- and/ or animal lovers!

we become good friends for love of all things X-Men, yes? :-D

Hi! I saw we shared the same birthday~
I'd love to add you if that is okay.


I've been thinking about your request for a week. I would've added you sooner if you didn't live in Kampen. It's a bit awkward to share quite personal stuff with someone who lives in the same small town as I do, but I've decided I'd like to add you anyway.
From your intro you seem like a cool person and we share some more things (interests) than just our birthdays and hometown :)

Anyway, welcome to my journal, I hope you can handle the whining, bitching and muttering I tend to do a lot...


I can understand that :)
And don't worry, I whine and bitch a bit too haha so I can handle that.

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