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I have to earn 'VIP'points in school. You can earn them by participating in projects or setting up projects of your own.
There are so many cool projects in which I could participate, but don't dare to. For example there's the Natuurschool, which organizes naturecamps for kids. That's something I'd really love to do! They're looking for guides, but when I see the kind of people they need I can't help but think; that's not me. The 'must be able to handle stressful situations' part really puts me off. I'm easily stressed. I'm not an 'edutainer' either. Too shy for that. The only project I dared to sign up for (designing a tour for a zoo) was full already. Blah it sucks.

I hope I find something that suits me soon, I could really use the points and the experience.

My English is getting worse by the day.
I blame school for that. At the university I had to read and write English on a daily basis, at this school everything is in Dutch. I apologize for my bad English dear Flist!

(Perhaps I should spend even more time on the internet ;))

what now?
School's done for this week (except for a feedback round on Thursday) and now I'm bored.
Things I could do:

- Continue building my Dungeons and Dragons city (which we'll probably never use)
- Write fanfic
- Take pics of random things
- Write another review (there are four unpublished ones already done, so no)
- Play a game (sims, zoo tycoon, assassin's creed. Nah.)
- Read SFX's Comic Heroes magazine
- Watch a movie/ documentary

Things I feel like doing:


Edited To Add: Working on my D&D city map is what I'm going to do this week.
This is the sketch I made ages ago:

The plan is to work it out in a more detailed version.

Warning large pictures under the cut.

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the parcel story pt 2
Yay! My hoodies and t-shirt have arrived! FINALLY!
*does happy dance*

In other news, I got my ear pierced (top of my ear) today. Everything went ok, until the moment everything was done and the guy asked me how I felt. I started to feel bad right that moment. I should have warned him not to trigger my fainting gene, but I forgot.
Anyway, I fainted. Ugh, I'm such a wuss. It always happens after something gets done. I even crashed on the sidewalk near the dentist one day. It's ridiculous. I blame my mom's genes (she has the same thing).
It looks pretty cool though, so I'm happy with it :)

the parcel story
You ordered something on the internet one day because it's wicked awesome. Every day you wait for the postman to drop that parcel on your doorstep, but days turn into weeks and after a month your items are still not delivered.
You sigh, contact the onlinestore and explain to them that you want your stuff. NOW. They tell you to wait one more week. Grudgingly you accept. You almost forget about it after another week, but one day something happens.

On the night before that day you played Dungeons& Dragons and hung in a bar afterwards, so you were in bed pretty late. Naturally you decide to sleep in that day and it's glorious! Then.... all of a sudden the doorbell rings! *insert scary tune*
It's 12 o'clock, you are still in your PJ's, but you want that package so fucking bad you just don't care. The postman has your parcel in his gloved hands (it's cold, really!) and it's so close! Before you get your hands on it though you have to pay him 22 euro's for customs fee. Fumbling around in your PJ's you search your house for some money. Alas! Not even a nickel.
Defeated you return to the door. So close and yet so far away! The postman sighs and tells you he'll return tomorrow then. (This means no sleeping in tomorrow either!) Powerless you close the door, but not before you see your neighbour and good friend laugh at you. Bastard.
This is your life on fail mode. Suck it up.

To be continued tomorrow.


Fun things
wolverine nightcrawler
dutchxfan visited today and we had a good time geeking out, talking about fandom, comics and all kinds of random stuff. I had a wonderful time!

Something else that's pretty cool happened to me starting two weeks ago. A dude contacted me on twitter because he wanted to ask me something about comics.
Naturally I was interested, because... well... duh. Comics.
Turns out he owns a blog and is looking for writers. He noticed me on the internet and wondered if I wanted to write for his blog. If I was interested I needed to write a review, send it to him and if it was good enough I could write for the blog regularly.
Writing about comics is one of my hobbies, so I wrote a review of Astonishing X-men: Gifted and with some help from dutchxfan it turned into a great review. Today I heard he liked the review and he wants me to become a regular writer for the blog! Yay!
For you Dutchies, this is the blog: Geekstijl My review will be up later tonight :)

(PS. LJ deems it necessary to give me advertisements about comicshops, comicsoftware and... Scientology. Yeah. I don't know either...)

Edit: It's online! They've changed some stuff, but nothing major.

Comic statistics
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Merry Christmas
Ah Christmas eve.
I think I'm going to spend it with comics and a movie on the couch, while Bruce is hopping around me. Much like a regular night actually...
Tomorrow I'm going to church first, then spend the day at my parents' place.
We're all responsible for a certain part of the Christmas meal and today I made the preperations for pears and filled potatoes. I hope everything works out ok, I'm a terrible cook...

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Scoooott Summers
Like dustofempires, whom I stole it from, only posting because of the silliness:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, wolvster sent to me...
Twelve heroes drumming
Eleven mythbusters piping
Ten cartoons a-leaping
Nine icons dancing
Eight mutants a-milking
Seven birds a-reading
Six animals a-writing
Five sco-o-o-ott summers
Four comic books
Three marvel comics
Two x-men movies
...and a chocolate in a psychology.
Get your own Twelve Days:


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