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Comic post
The list of missing comics in my collection.

Updated: 17-03-2013

Comics I still need:Collapse )

If you have any recommendations just tell me! I love reading new comics!
(I've already got most X-stuff (inc. Wolverine))

Dungeons & Dragons
Aside from a lot of school stuff I'm also working on my first ever Dungeons & Dragons campaign this holiday. It takes place in the city I drew a few months ago (the drawing that was ruined by the coffee spill).
I have a cool story idea, which needs some work, because not everything fits perfectly yet. I have some NPC's, I even have PC's, lol!
I have a hard time figuring out the challenge ratings and encounter levels though. Are four Dire Rats enough of a challenge for four 3th level characters? What level does my enemy rogue or fighter need to be and how many of them are acceptable to fight against?

Took out my piercing today. The little bastard was annoying the crap outta me.
Shame, because I really liked it.
Every time I accidentally hit my ear (which is more often than you think) for example with changing clothes it started to hurt. There were also little blobs with blood and other fluids forming around it (TMI, I know). Also my hair got tangled around it. :/
Anyway, it's gone now. I hope the wound will heal up ok.

After that great episode of House last week, this week's episode was really bad in comparison. Gawd. It sucked. Seriously? A monstertruck? (It was nice to see the little Joan of Arcadia reunion though)
I hope the next one will be a lot better!

Tonight Roel and I are going to Suckerpunch, some weird ass Zack Snyder movie about a girl who lives in a fantasy world. Chicks with guns, helicopters, dragons, explosions, swords... I bet you can tell who picked that one... Good thing we're going out for dinner too!
We're also gonna book our vacation to Norway. I'm really excited about it! Lots of hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, fjords, waterfalls. Woot!

School's ok lately. I'm in a group that functions really well. This results in me having no stress at all and even some boredom at times. Next semester I'll be in a group of eight(!) people, I think that's not going to end well. Oh well, no use in stressing out about that on forehand.

(Note to self: work on your English, it's horrible!)

Yay! We've got Pinkpop tickets!!
Pinkpop is a three day music festival here in Holland. This year the line-up is pretty bad ass!
To drop some names:

- Foo Fighters
- Coldplay
- Kings of Leon
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Lifehouse
- Alter Bridge
- 30 Seconds to Mars
- Manic Street Preachers
- Kaiser Chiefs
- etc.


I've been to a similar festival before (Lowlands '03) and survived, so I have some hope I'll be able to do this without a mental breakdown, lol.

My TV signal is gone forever now, so I watch tv series with Roel.
One of those is Community.
It's really one of the funniest shows I'm watching right now. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: Community is about a group of (mostly)adult students at community college. They've formed a 'Spanish study group' and have become friends over time. They have very different personalities and that what makes it so much fun to watch them interact.
I don't think I have a favorite character, I like most of them, but after Abed's Batman performance he's just a little bit cooler than the rest.
Roel and I are at episode 16 right now and we still like it (this is weird for me, because I'm not a fan of comedy). Fun fun fun!

We're still watching House as well. I was getting kind of bored with it, but the last two episodes were great again! (Surely this has nothing to do with a certain relationship crashing... :D) All I can say is: Welcome back, House!!

I was just asked to write comic related stuff for a Belgian blog too.
I politely declined, because I'm busy with school and writing for Geekstijl, but apparently I'm doing something right...


I made a Flickr account for my photos a while ago and figured I could share it here. Currently some random pics from the zoo, a walk in the forest and a church :)

The link:

Today I tried to write some fanfiction.
I think I haven't spent enough time on that lately, because I can't seem to get into the zone. My English is rusty and I can't concentrate long enough to get the characters' 'voices' right.
So far I've finished a Beast & Wolverine drabble (that's too much like one of my Kurt & Wolverine drabbles), half a Jubilee & Wolverine drabble & a chapter of Horror Vacuum (remember that one? I think I started it back in 2004).
It's all crap and to make matters worse, I don't understand my own notes, lol. Seriously, 17 year old self, what were you on when you wrote that shit?

I still have to write some scenes for the Wolverine & Rogue movieverse project I'm writing with dutchxfan. It's a very cool story so far and maybe I should work on that one instead of my own lost causes.


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