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Today I tried to write some fanfiction.
I think I haven't spent enough time on that lately, because I can't seem to get into the zone. My English is rusty and I can't concentrate long enough to get the characters' 'voices' right.
So far I've finished a Beast & Wolverine drabble (that's too much like one of my Kurt & Wolverine drabbles), half a Jubilee & Wolverine drabble & a chapter of Horror Vacuum (remember that one? I think I started it back in 2004).
It's all crap and to make matters worse, I don't understand my own notes, lol. Seriously, 17 year old self, what were you on when you wrote that shit?

I still have to write some scenes for the Wolverine & Rogue movieverse project I'm writing with dutchxfan. It's a very cool story so far and maybe I should work on that one instead of my own lost causes.

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At least you're finishing stuff. Bad or not :P

*lol* @ your notes. I get that too sometimes.

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